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  Allis Fiction · BEGINNING (cont'd from *) " ... Scribbling, for instance, on top of the page might create a painting on it, just as fire could transform it into ashes confirming, once again, that there are no beginnings and no endings but constant transformations of one state into another. Shapes converted into other shapes with different purposes and uses. I wonder how long it may be before these words written on this paper will be considered transformed? and I wonder what their purpose may be once they become something different than what they presently are mean and transmit? and if this transformation actually happens, how is it going to begin? will it be possible to pinpoint it's beginning? will it be impossible to detect precisely when did it’s transformation started precisely? maybe its transformation has already started somewhere on the page that we can't presently see as we are presently here now, in these precise and unchanged words. And as these words are

An excuse to write

  Normality becomes normal when time arrives

An entry to solve the puzzle

 As availability rises on top of what is set upon, misguided informants preclude what is deemed to stop for whatever reason. There is no mistake in finding what may be lost. There is a time where all communications besides what is informed become clear, whenever purposes abide by the time something is real. As it has been said before, all inclusions can only be assumed if there is a phonograph available to store what is left from the right. In searching for these and other answers, I become mentally impaired to attract the fundamental equations that support what is written in these sentences. Feel free to stop by. As the shadow of whatever is struck upon the face of martyrdom, simply replying to a message opens up the possibility to rise the common sense of starvation. However, if there seems to be no boundary tied to whatever is written on the page, I cannot abide if there is an opportunity to strive towards what is if there is not an is but an if. In spite of all these sentences, I f

Nothing more to say

It may seem as if nothing were being told; however, the fact that this space is covered by something, it should mean that there is no nothing in here, even though whatever is being said could accumulate or result in nothingness

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